Rottet Collection is the signature collection of designer and architect Lauren Rottet. The collection is heavily informed by Ms. Rottet’s extensive experience designing spaces for award-winning hospitality, commercial and residential projects around the world. She describes her work as “architecturally derived solutions” – an elevated yet highly functional approach to furniture design that results in a seamless union of style and substance. Comprised of seating and tables in light, neutral tones, metallics and dark woods, the collection meets a full range of functional and aesthetic needs in a line that is cohesive without being repetitive. Rottet Collection is currently offering the following looks: Montauk Gray and Contemporary Cubist. The names recall the specific spaces for which Ms. Rottet designed them, although they can be used interchangeably within the home. Keeping with her mission to continually delight and surprise with her designs, Rottet Collection is a playful yet curated exploration of forms that suits both traditional and contemporary tastes.